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Have you got the nerve and skills to break free and escape?

Your team will be taken underground into the dark, eerie depths of the Old Crown Court Prison Cells in Central Bristol.

You’ll need to work together and stay calm under the pressure of time and fear to work out how you’re going to free yourself and make your escape.

This is a unique concept of starring in, and playing out your own movie horror scene, we hope will bring many nightmares for weeks to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HELL IN A CELL horror escape experience?

You have been kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer. He is a disturbed, simple deviant with a harrowing distaste for the outside world. He has now killed multiple victims and used segments of their skin to sculpt a mask that he often wears . You’ve been incapacitated and imprisoned in the terrifying underground prison cells he lives in. We suggest you work out how to get out before he comes back for you…

How long does it last?

You’ll be on site for up to an hour and a half. You’ll have an hour to make your escape once the experience goes live.

Is there an age limit?

Due to the nature and content of the experience, we recommend players are 15+ to participate. If you are 13+ and are feeling brave we will allow you to participate but you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who can look out for you.

Is it scary?

Yes! You will be entering a set of a horror film. The environment is intimidating, tense and stressful. Think about the movies Saw, Hostel & Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What if I don’t like it and want to come out?

You’re lucky then this isn’t for real…

If you can’t handle it, At ANY point during the experience you will be able to immediately communicate with the event manager, the experience will be stopped.

Why is there a maximum of 10 players?

We believe that by adding more it will dilute the experience for every player.

Will it just be our group or mixed with others?

For Groups of 6 or less you may have another small group to a total of 10 players. If you want an exclusive game please let us know in advance or simply book for minimum 7 people

Can I have a few drinks before?

We will not allow you to play if drunk or high on anything else. If you turn up and are intoxicated you will not be allowed to play and will not be refunded. It’s dark down there and at times disorientating. Being intoxicated on drink and/or drugs does not mix well with this environment.

What time should we arrive before we start?

Plan to arrive 5 minutes before to allow for any delays you may incur. Say you book for 6pm; our Event Manager will be there at 6pm ready to deliver the brief. We operate a slick operation and are strict on time keeping.

I’m running late, will you wait for me?

We’re very sorry but no. We have a timetable to stick to and if we over ran we’d then have to push back the next game. (If there’s no one booked in after then possibly). We cannot allow you to enter the experience mid way, as it would disrupt those already involved. No refunds will be offered for latecomers or No shows.

What should I wear?

Not your Sunday Best! Loose fitting, relaxed fit clothes would be best for ease of movement. It’s a bit grubby down there so you may get a bit of dust on you.

Can I take photos?

Not in the cells. To prevent the exposure of the experience to others yet to participate we will not allow photographs to be taken. You will be required to hand in your mobile phone and all your other belongings at the starting brief.

There will be opportunity to take photos at the beginning and the end

What happens if we don’t escape?

Luckily for you this is a simulated experience. When your time runs the event manager will let you out. Or will they…

What happens if we do escape?

You’re still alive, good for you – Maybe you’ll appreciate life a bit more now…

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes we do – If you want a refund or re-schedule you must request this before 4 weeks/28 days from your game date. Anything after that we can’t do sorry. You can transfer your tickets to others if you like though.

I’ve got more questions not covered here

Anything else you want to ask please call or email us – All details to get in touch are on the contact page.

contact us

Whist we aim to ensure we scare you during the experience, we’re nice people really and understand that some of you may like some reassurance before committing to participating. If you’d like to speak with us prior to booking an experience please call or email using the following details.

All bookings should be placed online however if that’s a problem for you then please get in touch. For bookings outside of our opening hours or for large groups please contact to discuss.

Phone: 07811 181278
Email: [email protected]
Address: The Old Crown Courts, Silver Street, Bristol BS1 2AG (Come to the Big Blue Gates next to Laser Fusion)

Opening Hours / Cost

Thursday: 5pm – 11pm
Friday: 3.30pm – 11pm
Saturday: 11am – 11pm
£30 per person
If you’d like to play outside of these hours please call us for availability

To take part in this unique horror experience

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